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Mantis is a trusted brand... bringing high quality, innovative and dependable products to the home and garden marketplace for over 20 years in the UK. We've built our reputation through lasting products, highly responsive customer service and industry-leading warranties and guarantees. With over a million satisfied customers worldwide, you can be confident that an industry leader stands behind your purchase with the products and services you deserve.

Bullet 4–Stroke Tiller
Bullet Electric Tiller
Bullet ComposT–Twin
Bullet Loadumper Cart

Mantis 4–Stroke Tiller
The patented serpentine tines set this tiller apart from other small tillers. You'll quickly and easily create and maintain beds, dig planting holes for shrubs, and much more.

Two-bin rotating composter holds 350 litres of material in each chamber. Easy to load, and unload. You'll have a continuous supply of compost.

Loadumper Yard & Garden Cart
Lifting and dumping heavy loads is now easier than ever!

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